Thursday, November 16, 2006


Fun things to do in a "guided democracy".

1. Pretend to be a Japanese tourist and visit the ISA. Better yet, send real Japanese tourists.
Tell them its the National Zoo.

2. Become a stalker-obsessed fan of a BN politician. Camp in front of his house and sing sexy
love songs from a loudspeaker. (Suggestion, cover the song "We are the cheeky girls, you are the cheeky boys".)

3. Dress like Dorothy in The Land of Oz and visit Putrajaya. It is better if you are a dude.

4. Send Nigerian emails to the Prime Minister.

5. Make a new opposition party made up of your stuffed animals. Get your friends to vote for them.

6. Pretend to be the Crocodile Hunter in the Parliament.

7. Dress up as the khalwat police and catch fornicating cats in alleys. Include videos as documentary evidence and submit it to the local religious authorities with straight faces.

8. Catch a monkey and send it to the police station. Say that he was disturbing national security
with his anti-government lice. Pinpoint lice on the monkeys head, point out anti-government
demonstrations happening between the hairs on his fur.

9. In traffic jams, use markers and paper, and flash patriotic messages to your neighbor. If
they dont respond positively, pretend to call the police on your handphone.

10. Follow the cars of local politicians. AFTER they park, set up no parking signs next to the car.
Call the traffic police, and alert the press. Repeat.

(If you have any more, feel free to add below/email us with more.)