Friday, October 27, 2006



What kind of Malaysian are you? Take our quiz and find out!

1. The Prime Minister announced today the government does not curtail the peoples freedom.

a) True. There has been no moment in history where the current government administration has impeded upon the public's civil rights.

b) False. The government has, on several occasions stopped its citizens from utilizing rights that should be available to all in a democracy e.g. protest, freedom of press etc.

c) Whatever.

d) Please give me a banana.

The Prime Minister stated today that UMNO members are given space to give their views.
This is;

a) True. UMNO members have always had different opinions regarding matters of the country.

b) False. They usually all stand in line like trained penguins and do not have independent views.

c) Who cares anyway. No one there has anything worth hearing. I would rather hear the sound of mating llamas.

d) I think I need to go potty. Bad.

3. The Prime Minister stated that Malaysia is a democratic country.

a) True. All principles of democracy are implemented within its framework.

b) False. There are several points that do not meet the expectations of a democracy, such as transparency and accountability.

c) Democracy Schemocracy. Bah! Tui! Tui!

d) (purring sound.)

4. The Prime Minister stated today that most citizens believe that Mahathir should stop
criticizing the government.

a) True. We do not have time to listen to an old "pensioners" views about what should happen in a country. Furthermore his criticisms are baseless.

b) False. His views have, at the very least highlighted several problems with the current
government. And people in general should be allowed to criticize the government as they please. And the majority agree.

c) Are you kidding me? All he needs are super powers. Like acid green slime that shoots out
from his ears. Its fucking fun! We need more of this! Someone dump him in some toxic waste,NOW!!!

d) Wheres my banana?


1. All b's. You are a smart and discerning citizen. You also bore us.

2. All c's. You are full of cynicism and rage, despite your intelligence. You may kill someone soon. You are also entertaining.

3. All d's. You are some sort of animal, who needs to be cleaned because you have soiled your litterbox.

4. All a's. Same as number 3.

(This quiz was certified by the Cretuv Association of Psychologists and Social Scientists. And one crack head we found on the street.)